A wake-up call for traditional business!

Vojvodina ICT Cluster, a supporter of SEE-IT Summit, released a long waited, 4th edition of the study - “ICT Serbia - At a glance”. Whether you are a student, explorer, investor or journalist, this study will provide you with a quality inspection in Serbia’s part of the most healthy and most prominence sector of today.

The authors of the study are Milan Matijević, the director of the Mineco Computers, a company with a long year experience in collecting and processing data regarding IT, and Milan Šolaja, the CEO of the Vojvodina ICT cluster, the leading Serbian association in the field.

- For traditional businesses, it is the wake-up call. Modernizing small and medium enterprises – the major contributors to GDP, tax revenues, and employment – is a “make or break” challenge – Šolaja said in the foreword. -  Those who boldly jump on the bandwagon of digitization and use opportunities for automation, e-commerce as well as the global marketing opportunities, will not only survive, but become the motor of economic progress. If we take a look at the IT investments per capita, it is at €62 in Serbia – a mere fraction of the EU average of €800. This figure is an important indicator of a general implementation of standards and new technologies in any country. As such, it shows that much more has to be done in Serbia to push economic and every other development forward.

He highlighted that as a huge challenge for the Government, but also an opportunity. Current activities would suggest that the authorities are doing their best to respond to this challenge and use that opportunity: Serbia has gotten a young Prime Minister, knowledgeable and close to the IT sector throughout her career – and for the first time ever, a Serbian Prime Minister has devoted a significant part of inauguration exposé to IT-related topics, the author of “ICT Serbia – At a glance” emphasized.

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