Novi Sad, SERBIA: While preparing the upcoming international SEE-IT SUMMIT, that is taking place 7th – 9th November 2018 in Novi Sad, Resenva proudly presents Blogs that are all about ICT in Serbia. Feel invited to check it out and let us be your information base about the dynamic activities in uprising industry branch which now stands for regional ICT hub!

Start now with the newest two-part post about the genius technology innovations that are made by Serbia`s young talents.

The two-part blog post relies on the rich experience of the 13-years of national Best Technological Innovation Competition, which brought some of the most revolutionary inventions in the recent years. But also, feel free to check our previous post about Serbia as an ICT hub for the Western Balkans, Why Novi Sad was chosen as well as the post in which we talk about the importance of the relationship between HR and ICT, based on the practice of successful local ICT companies. In monthly bases, the organizer distributes the information about Novi Sad based, as well as regional and ICT industry abroad, in order to spread the good word about the constantly growing Serbian- and Western Balkan markets.

As the peak of our 2018 mission, Res-Enva Consulting is organizing the first International SEE-IT SUMMIT. With 150 international and regional exhibitors, 2.000 trade visitors and 15 accompanying conferences, work-shops and target-group meetings, HR Interview sessions and much more! Our goal is to create the constant networking platform for ICT in the Western Balkans, as the city of Novi Sad is known for a regional ICT center. 

Resenva invites you to take the chance to SEE-IT all in one place and seek the opportunities in Serbia`s growing ICT industry!