“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”


- For the past five years, the IT sector companies are contacting us more than ever – said the CEO of Serbian leader in HR consulting, company, Marija Pavić.

-  There is a significantly higher number of IT firms then 5-10 years ago. Many of these organizations have experienced major growth that has brought big accompanying challenges with which companies are not spontaneously and intuitively able to cope. Lastly, these firms are very successful and have the ability to allocate a budget to improve their functioning and maintain or increase performance, as well as to increase their benefits in the competitive market.


What are we going to do about it?


In order to respond to the needs of the industry and rapidly growing ICT market, and SEE-IT Summit will join their forces in an exclusive HR service. During the Summit, from 7th to 9th November, the experts will interview the potential employees, according to request that industry will provide us. During that three-day, unique ICT job fair, our HR partner will try to help the Summit visitors in some of the most common challenges and areas for development. ‘Cause – if you don’t believe us, believe Steve Jobs – “You need to have a collaborative hiring process”!  


What are the challenges that most IT companies are dealing with?


Stated by Marija Pavić, CEO of, those are:

- Organizational problems;

- Lack of managerial skills;

- Lack of developed business skills;

- Problem of finding revolutionary solutions to customer problems;

- Not looking at the entire business chain;

- The need for “relaxed” atmosphere that leads to another extreme;

- Management doesn’t have time to deal with corporate culture;

- Lack of professional IT staff in the market in relation to demand;

- Motivation of IT experts challenges the employer with lower wage budgets;

- The problem of keeping an employee affects productivity;

- Employees don’t know how to say "no";

- Failing to plan in the long run.

Dragana Ristić